Ellis Creek Photography


Real Estate Photography License


Ellis Creek LLC maintains full copyright ownership of all images. The images may be used by you (and your firm) to promote the sale of this property in any media. Your license to use these photos expires after the sale of the property or the termination of your current listing agreement. Your firm may continue to use the images for general web promotions following the sale. We require any non-licensed parties who use the images to provide photographic credit to Ellis Creek Photography.


SHARING: DO NOT share the photos outside your organization. ALL THIRD PARTY REQUESTS (including clients, contractors, vendors, designers, staging companies, other firms and editorial use) to use the images require advance authorization from Ellis Creek LLC. Additional licensing and fees may be assessed to requesting third parties.  For more information on licensing click here: About Intellectual Property Licensing


SHARING WITH OTHER AGENTS: You may share the images with other agents/ brokers strictly for digital/ social media posting provided they give photographic credit to Ellis Creek Photography in any posting/use of the images. Please do not share or permit other agents to use the images without notifying them of this requirement.


Please let us know if you have any questions about your license.


Thanks very much for your business.


Best regards,

The Ellis Creek Team