Commercial/Industrial Real Estate


A great commercial photographer knows how to bring a commercial or industrial property to life through incredible photography. In a competitive environment like Charleston, South Carolina, your property is an important part of the area’s commerce. We consider it our job to provide the best quality imagery for all your marketing needs.

Industrial Real Estate

Every industrial property has a story to tell. Through powerful use of lighting, the right camera angles, and highly advanced photography equipment, a commercial photographer can bring that story out for you, your clients, or potential buyers. We know what your clients are looking for. From warehouse space with high clearance, rail access, or dock space, we’ll present your property in its best light to get it sold.

Commercial Real Estate

How can you set your commercial properties apart from the many others competing with it in local real estate listings? Our photography services capture the best features of each building and its surrounding environment, resulting in a strategic advantage for your listings. Potential buyers see in our photos exactly what sets your property apart from the rest, and our close attention to lighting and detail ensures that those great features stand out in your listing just as they do in real life. At Ellis Creek Photography, we know exactly what to highlight to show off your property to its best advantage.

Aerial Photography

We specialize in taking stunning aerial shots through the use of exciting new drone technology. We produce images that give you and your clients a new perspective on the property and its surroundings. Our versatile approach ensures that each project gets the attention and customization it deserves: just take a look at the photographs in our portfolio to see what we mean. We are fully insured and FAA licensed, ensuring safe and responsible flight while creating striking, beautiful photography for industrial, commercial, construction site, and other applications.

Expertise with a Local Flavor

From industrial facilities encompassing hundreds of thousands of square feet to local businesses housed in some of Charleston’s most strategic areas, Ellis Creek Photography has produced incredible photographs, videos, and aerial shots for commercial and industrial clients in the region. Your next real estate listing can become something truly special with the help of a skilled commercial photographer in the Charleston, SC area. This winning combination is available for your property; get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment.