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Techniques of the Interior Design Photographer in Charleston, SC

Every photographer in Charleston, SC has their own unique set of experiences, education, equipment, assistants, and knowledge, all of which come through in their photographs. This is true whether the photographer in question works with photographing special events like weddings, architectural features, or beautifully decorated interiors. The average magazine reader or real estate shopper doesn’t typically see “through” the photographs they’re looking at to see all of that background, but it’s unquestionably the secret behind truly striking photography. With this article, we give you a little insight into that background, telling you how a photographer in Charleston, SC creates great interior design shots by pulling together all of their technological, intellectual, and artistic resources.

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What to Expect from Your South Carolina Commercial Photographer

In the field of photography, we usually think of two main divisions: retail photographers and commercial photographers. Retail photography includes wedding, engagement, family portraits, and similar projects that individuals typically hire photographers for on a small-scale basis. Commercial photography, on the other hand, involves larger projects. The photos you see in magazines, books, many websites, and real estate listings are some examples of commercial photography. Of course, a commercial photographer may specialize in one of a number of different subcategories: interiors, architecture, real estate, or even the creation of stock images for purchase online. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a few of those different subcategories and also give you an idea of what to expect when you choose to work with Ellis Creek Photography as your South Carolina-based partner in commercial photography.

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