Benefits of Professional Photography for Commercial Real Estate

Many commercial real estate companies are turning towards professional photographers to help market their properties and here is why:

1. Crucial for making a first impression

When it comes to visual marketing the first impression a company makes on a client is the most important. For example, before tenants take a tour of an apartment complex they will most likely search the property online. If those online property photos are low quality and outdated it creates a negative idea of the complex according to the potential tenant. Unless the photos are up-to-date and high quality the potential buyer will not have a lasting impression.

2. Impress and draw the eye of future clients and tenants.

Especially in a city like Charleston there are many commercial properties popping up all across the area. Whether it may be an apartment complex or an office building the commercial real estate in Charleston is competitive. Buyers spend so much time online looking for listings and they are drawn to more attractive photos. If your real estate lacks strong photographs of the property you will lose buyers to other listings with stronger photos.  

3. Professional photos will impress current clients and tenants.

Taking care of the property and boosting it with photos is a great way not only to represent the real estate company but also the tenants. Making sure the listing is taken care of on site and online is an important way to show current clients and tenants that the management company is responsible and cares about the property.   

4. Takes the burden of photography off the real estate company’s shoulders.

Real estate companies know real estate and photographers know photography. Hiring a professional real estate photographer will ensure reliable photos for the company. Professional photographers spend years mastering the craft and that is time that busy real estate professionals do not have.

5. Photography is an investment that will pay off.

One of the number one sayings in business is you have to spend money to make money. That saying is completely accurate when hiring a professional photographer. High quality images will bring in new tenants and clients and many companies have seen immediate positive responses after hiring a professional photographer. Working with a professional photographer in commercial real estate is not an extra expense, it is a smart investment.

With online marketing being such a big part of business and commercial real estate in this day and age, providing strong images is a must in order to gain new tenants and clientele. In a city like Charleston in order to keep up with the competition it is crucial to provide current, high quality photos.

Josh Corrigan