Ways to Use Photography for Real Estate Marketing

The value of high-quality, professional photography in the real estate market should not be underestimated. Properties with high-quality photos will attract more attention and engagement, as well as command a higher selling price in some instances. When buyers are searching through online real estate websites such as Trulia, they are often overwhelmed by the number of options. Beautiful photos of your property will help it stand out from competitors.

Here are five ways to market your real estate properties with photography.

Design a Visually-Appealing Website

When customers are searching for real estate properties, they will often visit the websites of local realtors to get a sense of the market. If a customer clicks on your site and they are greeted with poor graphics or have difficulty navigating between pages, they will quickly develop an unfavorable impression of your services. Websites are the new business cards. Just as you would design an elegant, professional business card, you should strive to create a visually-appealing website with plenty of high-quality photographs.

Experiment with Twilight Photography

What’s the best time of day for a photoshoot? While the answer to that will largely depend on the property and the availability of the photographer, twilight shots are widely considered to be the best images. Photos taken at dusk will make the house look more inviting and its background more appealing. Use a blend of natural and artificial lighting to best highlight your property.

Hire a Professional Photographer

While iPhone cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated, professional real estate photographers have access to the best equipment and understand the angles, lighting, and setup for perfect pictures. Experimenting with cameras and images can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why most realtors opt to hire a professional photographer.  

Be Active on Social Media

Social media is an easy and free way to advertise your listings and attract new customers. While Instagram is the most optimized for photos, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn audiences also typically engage more with image-heavy posts than those without. Create an account for your real estate business on all platforms and post updates regularly. Post your high-quality, professional photos with a caption that explains your property and includes a call-to-action leading viewers to your website.

Create a Youtube Channel  

A YouTube channel is another great way to market your properties online for virtually no cost. Film a walk-through of your property and post it on your channel as well as your social media accounts. In addition to video, you can also take lots of pictures and create a slideshow to post to your YouTube channel. Potential customers who are interested in a property like to see as many photos and videos as possible before taking the time to visit it in person. On your website, make sure you include links to your YouTube account and your social media profiles.

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Josh Corrigan