What to Expect from Your South Carolina Commercial Photographer

In the field of photography, we usually think of two main divisions: retail photographers and commercial photographers. Retail photography includes wedding, engagement, family portraits, and similar projects that individuals typically hire photographers for on a small-scale basis. Commercial photography, on the other hand, involves larger projects. The photos you see in magazines, books, many websites, and real estate listings are some examples of commercial photography. Of course, a commercial photographer may specialize in one of a number of different subcategories: interiors, architecture, real estate, or even the creation of stock images for purchase online. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a few of those different subcategories and also give you an idea of what to expect when you choose to work with Ellis Creek Photography as your South Carolina-based partner in commercial photography.

Architecture and Interior Design

If you’ve ever observed a retail photographer working a wedding or setting up a family portrait, you probably noticed that he paid a lot of attention to factors like lighting, placement of the people in the shot, and the angle of his cameras. A commercial photographer considers the same factors when he is creating photography for architectural or interior design purposes. Of course, some things make this task easier than photographing a wedding: architectural features don’t move around and get distracted like the members of a wedding party tend to do! On the other hand, getting beautiful shots of a large historical building or a scenic property on the coast requires some specialized equipment. In the past, it sometimes even meant chartering a helicopter or private plane (at a significant expense) to get photos from the air. Today, we enjoy the benefits of drone technology, which frees our commercial photographers up quite a bit in terms of scheduling photo shoots to accommodate the weather, researching the site to find the best vantage points, and saving quite a bit of money for our clients.

Drone photography makes it more affordable than ever to get incredible aerial photos.

Drone photography makes it more affordable than ever to get incredible aerial photos.

Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Photography

A major category within commercial photography is creating high quality images of industrial and commercial properties for the purposes of real estate listings. These images are not the artistic, creative, breathtaking photos that you would see in a South Carolina tourism magazine; instead, they are intended to give potential buyers the best possible impression of a property’s setting, environment, size, features, advantages, and other important details. A successful commercial/industrial real estate photo shoot requires a very different focus than an architectural or interior design project. The logistics behind such a project are also often very different. For a commercial photographer to provide top quality service to both types of clients, he needs to have a high degree of photography experience, access to the right resources, and a thorough understanding of the business relationships that exist between different photography clients and the photographer.

Local South Carolina Experience

Ellis Creek Photography is a commercial photography firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. We know, understand, and love the Palmetto State with all of its varied environments, from the quickly growing economic centers of North Charleston and Greenville to the gorgeous coastlines that attract crowds of tourists every summer. For commercial and industrial real estate clients that are headquartered out of state, the local expertise that our photographers and office staff offer is invaluable. Our local roots give us an advantage as we work with out-of-area clients, adding our thorough knowledge of the area to our years of experience in this unique type of photography.

Apart from the actual photo shoots and the high quality images that result from them, Ellis Creek Photography has a great history of providing streamlined paperwork and photo delivery processes for your commercial or industiral real estate photography project. When a client is looking for a hassle-free, streamlined, professional process for obtaining the perfect photos to sell a South Carolina property, Ellis Creek Photography is the ideal partner.

Commercial Photographer Resources

As we mentioned before, technology has made life much easier for the commercial photographer (and by extension, his clients) in South Carolina. The trick is to harness that technology effectively, using it to its best advantage to save money, save time, and maximize the quality of the resulting images. At Ellis Creek, we do that by using drones piloted by FAA licensed commercial photographers. We could tell you about our aerial photography credentials, but instead we’ll simply invite you to look through the many photos featured on our website. The stunning images of the Charleston, SC area, rich in history and architecture, speak for the skill and training of our photographers.

With several highly skilled photographers on our staff, we offer a high degree of efficiency for our clients. We can perform multiple photo shoots in a single day, making it easier for our clients to get the images they need for their listings right away. And the support of our incredibly capable staff allows us to get those images moved along to each client as quickly as possible.

Great commercial photography can transform a real estate listing.

Great commercial photography can transform a real estate listing.

Your Local South Carolina Commercial Photographer

Here at Ellis Creek Photography, we believe that our work speaks for itself. That’s why you will find so many photos on our website, showing the full range of what our commercial photographers do for our clients on a daily basis. Whether we are capturing the architectural beauty of one of Charleston’s beloved landmarks or scouting an industrial facility to determine the best angles, the most important features, and how to tell the property’s story most effectively, we put our full slate of resources and experience to work on every client’s project. If you are a real estate professional, we would value the opportunity to talk to you personally about how a partnership with Ellis Creek Photography could help you create the best possible listings for properties in Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, or any of the other quickly growing areas of South Carolina.