Announcing our partnership with One80 Place

One80 Place partnership

At Ellis Creek, we are honored to photograph some of the most beautiful homes in the low country. However, many of our neighbors aren't so fortunate. and some don't have a home at all. As a company, we strongly believe in investing in our wonderful community. So, beginning in January we proudly began a partnership with One80 Place, a Charleston, SC-based organization whose mission is to end homelessness and hunger one person at a time, one family at a time.

A Recent Success

One of the services that One80 Place provides is legal assistance offered through its Homeless Justice Program.  This program focuses on the unique legal issues homeless citizens face.  The Homeless Justice Program began a pilot project hosting the municipal court in its building instead of in a downtown courtroom.

The homeless court focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment.  The majority of crimes homeless citizens are charged with are because of their situation; crimes like public urination, loitering, and trespassing. March 23 was the first hearing at One80 Place and involved a resident of the facility who, since the incident, has gotten a job. His attorney asked for the charges to be dropped and the judge dismissed the charges telling him “I know that you’ll continue to progress,” and the resident responded “Yes, sir. God is good.”

This is a prime example of the great work that One80 Place is doing. We encourage anyone interested to join us in supporting their life changing cause. For more information or to donate click here

Ellis Creek Photography donates 2% of all sales to One80 Place.