Techniques of the Interior Design Photographer in Charleston, SC

Every photographer in Charleston, SC has their own unique set of experiences, education, equipment, assistants, and knowledge, all of which come through in their photographs. This is true whether the photographer in question works with photographing special events like weddings, architectural features, or beautifully decorated interiors. The average magazine reader or real estate shopper doesn’t typically see “through” the photographs they’re looking at to see all of that background, but it’s unquestionably the secret behind truly striking photography. With this article, we give you a little insight into that background, telling you how a photographer in Charleston, SC creates great interior design shots by pulling together all of their technological, intellectual, and artistic resources.

Technology for the Architectural Photographer in Charleston, SC

If you’ve ever tried your hand at photographing a room or structure with a “normal” camera, you were probably disappointed that the results were not up to par with the beautiful, brightly colored, stunning photographs that you see in your favorite decorating magazine. But why is it so difficult to replicate what you see with your eyes on film or in a digital format?

An interior design photographer brings a number of advanced accessories to each project, each of which plays an important role in enhancing the capabilities of the camera itself. One of the most important of these is the tilt-shift lens. You can instantly see the value of a tilt-shift lens if you attempt to snap a photograph of an entire room using a standard camera—it’s nearly impossible to do! There is simply not enough flexibility in a standard piece of equipment to replicate the image that your eyes naturally create for you. A tilt-shift lens allows the photographer to alter the composition of a photo while retaining the same angle, resulting in a shot that looks beautifully true to life.

There is another issue to consider: distortion of perspective. Inexperienced photographers using a wide-angle lens often find that their interior photographs look “warped,” with the outermost parts of the room appearing to stretch. A tilt-shift lens can help avoid this effect by shifting the composition away from distorted objects while maintaining that perfect perspective.

Other accessories are not quite as technologically complex as a tilt-shift lens, but still critical for transferring a beautiful room to a beautiful photograph. Adjustable tripods, remote triggers, and lighting tools are just a few of the other accessories that every architectural photographer keeps within arm’s reach.

Intellectual Resources

The most advanced photography equipment in the world won’t produce beautiful work in the hands of an inexperienced operator. Before an interior photographer in Charleston, SC sets up his cameras, they carefully take note of every aspect of the subject itself. Those aspects include many things that the average observer wouldn’t even notice, such as the angle and intensity of the natural light coming through the windows. One piece of furniture might overwhelm another visually; the clashing colors of two artistic elements may create a hard-to-define but unpleasant result; or there may be one very small adjustment that causes the entire scene to click into place. Whether he knows it or not, even a family pet may add the perfect unexpected, delightful dimension to an interior design shot!


Symmetry + canine curiosity = a fascinating interior shot!

Symmetry + canine curiosity = a fascinating interior shot!

Artistry in Interior Design Photography

A great interior designer turns an ordinary room into a showcase of aesthetic beauty, charm, and enjoyment. The false impression that you could have about an interior design photographer in Charleston, SC is that their sole job is to accurately transfer the appearance of that room onto a piece of film or a digital screen. In reality, the photographer goes much deeper than that. They need to be able to enter a room, identify the key features that the interior designer has added, and devise the most effective ways to highlight those features. It may be that, while the room is attractive all day long, a certain hour sees sunlight entering the room at just the right angle, bringing its colors and patterns to life. Perhaps the room’s arrangement lends itself more to close-up shots of individual features or small groups of features, rather than a comprehensive shot encompassing everything at once. As in the photo featured below, altering the room in a minor way (such as opening the beautiful wooden front door slightly) can encourage the viewer to connect the room with the beauty of nature that waits just outside.

A small adjustment can make a huge difference to the final photo.

A small adjustment can make a huge difference to the final photo.

As you can see, it takes a large amount of technology, experience, and creativity to produce interior design photographs with the quality that you see in this article and elsewhere on the Ellis Creek Photography website. In fact, doing so successfully takes more than one person—an architectural photographer in Charleston, SC depends on their team to help them with each project. An assistant helps the photographer select, transport, and place cameras and accessories, arrange the elements of a shot for best results, and provide a second perspective that the photographer can incorporate along with their own ideas. At Ellis Creek, our photographers and staff function as a close-knit team, working together to capture the story of each room, each home, and each property that we photograph.

More About Ellis Creek Photography

Our experience photographing interiors for design magazines, the real estate market, and private clients makes Ellis Creek Photography the perfect choice for your interior design photography project. Working as a photographer in Charleston, SC has allowed us to internalize the unique beauty of this Southern coastal region, and we put a little (or a lot) of that charm into every project that we handle for our clients. From intimate, detailed photographs of small rooms to aerial shots of large estates captured by remotely controlled drones, we know that you’ll be delighted by the work that our photographers produce for you.

Color, when beautifully reflected in photographic form, ties a room together perfectly.

Color, when beautifully reflected in photographic form, ties a room together perfectly.